Marengo Community High School District 154

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Welcome to the Marengo Community High School website. We are pleased you are visiting us and hope you find our website informational and up-to-date.

Our school focuses on the 3 R’s- Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. Our staff cares deeply about the students and building a strong relationship with them. Additionally, their lessons are becoming more project and problem based in order to show students the relevance of their content area. Once relevance is established, then students will become engaged in more rigorous real-world problem solving activities.

Our administration and staff have been working to raise student achievement on standardized tests, especially the ACT. Over the past seven years a number of initiatives have been implemented to achieve higher ACT scores. These initiatives have included curriculum mapping, developing common assessments, test prep strategies, reading across the curriculum and problem based learning. Our average ACT score reached an all-time high with a 22.4 for the Class of 2012 and for the past two years we have had the second highest score in school history with a 21.8 average composite ACT score from an average of 19.5 in 2005. Additionally in 2013 we were one of only two districts in the county to make AYP. We are most proud of the fact that 17% (34) students from the Class of 2013 were selected Illinois State Scholars placing MCHS with the third highest percentage in the county closing trailing Cary-Grove HS (20%) and Marian Central Catholic (19%). For the past three years MCHS has been in the Top 100 high schools in the State of Illinois as rated by the US News and World Report.

We are currently in the final year of implementing of our Digital Learning Environment (DLE) initiative. All students have been issued new laptop computer as they entered high school as a freshmen. We are the first district in northern Illinois to have free wi-fi on all of our route busses as part of our "Wi-Fi on the Fly" program. This provides students with the opportunity to expand their learning opportunities while in route to or from school or on school trips. Finally, all of our students are now developing e-portfolios which are viewable on our website. Our teachers have received extensive training on how to make the use of technology and web based resources an integral part of their curriculum and instruction.

Goals of the Digital Learning Environment Program

• To provide each student with a netbook computer so all students have computer access 24/7.

• To continue to provide students with up-to-date technology to use as a learning tool.

• To create a digital learning environment by using the netbook as an essential tool in the delivery of each student’s curriculum and instruction on a daily basis.

• To improve student’s awareness and skill development in using web based resources to increase their achievement, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

• To teach 21st century literacy skills and extend each student's learning opportunities.

• To enhance school-home communication through the use of technology.

We are fortunate to have a highly skilled group of teachers who have presented all across the midwest at education conferences including the Midwest Differentiation Conference, ICE Conference, Raising Student Achievement Conference, Illinois Association of Physical Education Teachers, Illinois Reading Conference and the Careers Conference.