Prom is scheduled for April 30, 2022. Please remember there are academic and behavioral expectations associated with attending all high school dances. Students must:

Be passing at least 5 classes
Have no more than 2 days of ISS per semester
Have no more than one SCAP per semester
Have no days of OSS

This eligibility criteria regarding the 2022 Prom was reviewed with students yesterday. It is recommended you delay purchasing dress attire and tickets until we confirm our ability to hold Prom. Our Prom will be held at the Chateau Ritz in Niles, Illinois, which was reserved in 2019. Please be aware that the Cook County Department of Public Health has implemented vaccination requirements for admittance into their establishments. The Village of Niles issued a statement saying they’re not requiring businesses to enforce the vaccine mandate, however we must follow the Cook County Department of Health Guidelines.

At this time, the Cook County Department of Public Health states individuals 18 years and younger who are participating in a school activity are exempt from the requirement; however, this may change at any time. Students who turn 19 years of age and/or guests who turn 19 prior to prom must be fully vaccinated with a booster in order to attend Prom. Students age 5-17 are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their primary series; individuals age 18 or older who have received all vaccine doses including boosters are considered fully vaccinated. Please be aware that if the school exemption is removed from the Cook County vaccine requirements, students who are not fully vaccinated will be excluded from attending Prom.