If your student qualifies for free or reduced price meals, they may purchase one breakfast and one lunch per day. Five components are included in meals. They are: grain, meat, fruit vegetable and milk. In order for a lunch to qualify for free or reduced pricing, your student must have three of the five components offered and one of the three components must be a fruit or vegetable. If a student purchases a la carte items, a second meal, or extra milk they will be charged at the per item price regardless of free lunch eligibility.

When a student’s funds are in a negative balance, a reminder phone call will be sent to the student’s parents until funds are added to the lunch account. Parents can set up a low balance reminder to notify them to replenish their student’s account. This reminder is located in the parent portal under the notifications menu.

If a parent/guardian regularly fails to provide meal money and does not qualify for free meal benefits, the Principal will direct the next course of action. Continual failure to provide meal money may require the District to notify the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and/or take legal steps to recover the unpaid meal charges