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The trend in new population is younger families, raising school aged children. Approximately half of the adult work force is blue collar, though there is a growing segment of the population that is professionally trained in the areas of medicine, dentistry, technology, accounting, and the law.


MCHS student enrollment is currently over 850 students; the number of students has steadily increased since 1990, when only 450 students were enrolled. A high percentage of students attend Marengo High School for all four years; there is a minimal turnover in student population (approximately 8%). Approximately 83% of the seniors have expressed an intention to continue their formal education beyond the secondary level by attending a 4-year college, junior college, or a business/technical institute. The remaining students will either enter the work force or enlist in the military following graduation. This is consistent with statistics from previous years. The high school's annual drop-out rate is 2 to 3%.

Racial/Ethnic background for MCHS students is 89% white, 9% Hispanic, 0.6% Native American, 0.3% Black, and 0.1% Asian. 5.5% of students come from a low-income background, and 2.4% are considered Limited-English-Proficient. There is no community college located in the city of Marengo, so there is no adult literacy provider located in the district. However, students have the opportunity to attend McHenry County Community College (MCC) their senior year for college level courses or for advanced vocational training, Students attending McHenry Community College can have credits earned held in escrow. MCC is located in nearby Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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