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In accordance with our Digital Learning Environment (DLE) initiative, all incoming freshmen will receive a computer, which will be partially paid for by making an annual payment of $80 ($320 total over four years) towards the purchase of a new computer. Legal title to the computer is with the student’s family upon its receipt and remains with them as long as the annual required payments are made and all other required activities are complied with.

Before freshmen will be issued a computer, they and a parent or guardian must attend one of the DLE orientation meetings, sign-off on the required purchase agreement and have made their first payment of $80. The DLE orientation meetings are being offered on August 3rd, August 9th and August 14th with check-in beginning at 6 p.m. in the auditorium.

There are six goals for the creation of a Digital Learning Environment.

• To provide each student with a computer so all students have computer access 24/7.

• To continue to provide students with up-to-date technology to use as a learning tool.

• To create a digital learning environment by using the computer as an essential tool in the delivery of each student’s curriculum and instruction on a daily basis.

• To improve student’s awareness and skill development in using web based resources to increase their achievement, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

• To teach 21st century literacy skills and extend each student's learning opportunities.

• To enhance school-home communication through the use of technology.