Digital Learning

MCHS was the first high school in McHenry County to launch a one to one (Digital Learning Environment -DLE) initiative in 2012-2013 with all freshmen receiving a netbook computer. The students now pay $80 a year towards the purchase and ownership of the netbook over their four year high school career.

At the bottom of this page are important Netbook documents and links. Students and parents should utilize the email address: support@mchs154.org for any questions. If a student is having a hardware issue they should submit a support Ticket by using the Ticketing System link below.

We are excited about the opportunity the DLE initiative will provide our students and staff in addition to the enhanced parent/school communication opportunities.

Digital Learning Documents

DLE Orientation 2020-2021

Computer Agreement and AUP 2020-2021

Computer Loan Agreement

Computer Purchase Agreement

DLE Flyer

Digital Learning Links

MCHS Tech Resources

Ticketing System