Historical Finances at a Glance highlights significant current budget components, as well as historical graphic presentation of district fund balances, revenues by source, and expenses by object for the previous four fiscal years compared to current year budget.

Quarterly Overviews provides a breakdown for the quarter to show revenue sources and what percent of the budgeted annual amount was received in that quarter compared to the previous two years’ activity. The second tab shows expense comparisons for that quarter compared to the previous two years’ activity. And the third tab shows fund balances as of the end of that quarter with comparison to the previous two years. This adds a little detail to easily identify areas in the budget activity that are fluctuating due to timing differences or other changes in revenues and expenses.

Expense Overview Dashboard shows graphs for expenditures in total, by fund (Education, Operations & Maintenance, Transportation, Retirement, etc) and by object (salaries, benefits, purchased services, etc). It also shows expenditure breakdown by object and year for historical comparison. Favorable headings indicate that area is currently performing better than the budget goal when factoring the average performance to budget for the months to date over the previous four years. Unfavorable headings indicate that if the timing of expenditures remains consistent with the average for the previous four years, then that area is on target to be over budget for an expense.

Revenue Overview Dashboard shows graphs for revenues year to date by Fund and Function (Local, State, Federal revenue sources). It also shows revenue detail by Function and Year for comparison over time. Favorable headings indicate that revenues are currently exceeding budget goals when the current budget numbers are compared to the average historical activity for the previous four years. Unfavorable headers indicate that the budget goals are not being met based on the average timing over the previous four years.


This area contains graphic information and data tables that provide highlights of current budget to actual performance. These are pdf documents that can be downloaded for viewing.

Revenue & Expense Summaries show total budgeted revenues/expenditures. The graphs at the top reflect the total and there is a black indicator showing how much of the budgeted amount has been received/expended as of the report date. The percentage below shows the percentage that was expected as of that date, by projecting the percent of budget received/expended on average for the previous four years.

The Top 10 Sources table shows significant revenue/expense by function. The bar graphs show total budget, projections for ytd activity based on the previous four year average, and what our actual activity is as of the report date.

Financial Summary for each Fund provides more detail by source for revenues, and by object for expenses compared to prior year and the current year budget. It also shows the fund balance for the fund.

Facility Updating Schedule & Financing Plan

The current building is now more than 14 years old, and careful attention to ongoing maintenance has allowed the useful life of many areas to be extended. This document shows the identified facility needs for the next 20 years and the planned financing for those needs.

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