PE/Driver's Ed/Health

The Physical Education/Health/Driver Education Department of Marengo Community High School works to instill responsible decision making and skills that lead to life time wellness, leadership, and cooperation through daily active participation.

DRIVER ED UPDATES (Revised 4/29/20)

I know you have many questions about driver education. I will try to answer as many of them as I can. If after reading this letter you need further clarification please contact me at halversong@mchs154.org. 

1. Permits: The DMV is still closed at this time. When the DMV does open I will take applications over to Woodstock for processing as soon as possible and I will email all students that have permits for pickup. Permits may be picked up on Tuesdays from 12-2 p.m. during the meal distribution. Remember: I need your signed application and a check for $20 made payable to the Secretary of State to process your permit. If you have not turned in these items, please put them in an envelope and turn in to the school. Ask them to put it in my mailbox. Please DO NOT send your application until we know the DMV is open, and MCHS has communicated that we are prepared to process these. 

2. Summer Driver Education:  At this time the State of Illinois says we will not be able to have summer BTW.  If we are able to resume contact this summer, second semester students will have priority and will meet first, followed by older students in birth date order. We will be contacting everyone about the process we will be using for registration, if permissible. 

3. To the students who have classroom Driver’s Education now: You must complete all assignments. If assignments are not completed, you may have to repeat the class. This would mean a delay in getting your permit, and it would also delay when you get Behind The Wheel (BTW). 

We appreciate your patience.


Every six weeks the physical education department fitness tests all of the PE students using Fitnessgram. Their cardiovascular endurance is tested by the PACER, their muscular strength by push-ups, their muscular endurance through a curl-up test, their flexibility by the sit-n-reach, and their back flexibility through the trunk lift. Additionally we test their vertical jump and calculate their body mass index.